Band Member Bio's

Randy Dickey – aka “The Texas Groove Daddy”. 

The groove daddy’s biggest vocal influences are Steve Perry, Elvis Presley, Chris Cornell, Jim Morrison, and many more. He loves to spend time with family, hunt, shoot guns and all things Texas. He enjoys helping others and sharing the love of God. He is an avid poet and writer.  

His music philosophy is to be original. Be who you are and provide the best version of who you are. Give the fans what they want and have some flexibility but don’t lose who you are in other words, don’t sell out.

He loves playing with Under The Son because the band truly supports each other and believes in each other’s ability. “We have a unique chemistry that fuels the song writing process and desire”. He loves the fact that the band enjoys performing and continues to evolve in providing a memorable experience to their Tribe. Randy loves the leadership’s determination to do all that can be done in order to deliver a great brand of music that is uniquely Under The Son. “It is not a hobby to any of us, rather it is a passion and a big part of who we are.”

The Texas Groove Daddy uses Shure and Sennheiser microphones, Mackie and Allen’s and Heath mixing boards, JBL and EV speaker systems.

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Moe Aburto

Moe is the hard hitting percussionist for Under The Son. Bands that have influenced Moe are Led Zeppelin (“Bonzo”), Motley Crue, T-Bone Lee, and the Scorpions. He enjoys jamming with other musicians and listening to music of all genres to expand his musical boundaries.

Moe plays a Yamaha drum kit, Tama rock snare, Paiste and Sabian cymbals, Tama and Yamaha hardware, and Evans 360 drum heads. 

“Music for me is a way to release any negative feelings and turn them into positive ones. I express myself to others who are feeling the same way I do which may prove that we are not that different. When we share music, we unite. I really enjoy any kind of music because I feel the need to expand my musical boundaries to grow as a person.”

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Joshua Martin 

Joshua plays bass for Under The Son. Joshua plays an Epiphone bass guitar. His bass style is straight forward and steady. Joshua and Moe lock in together to form the powerful driving sound of the band with precision timing. Joshua’s rock solid playing style also mimics his personality. When things get too crazy during Under The Son rehearsals, Joshua steadies the boat and keeps the band on track.

Joshua is a physicist, mathematician, and a writer. He enjoys a quiet life with his family. He can be a man of few words but with profound and mysterious thoughts. “Still waters run deep. So be careful, he could drown you.” – John Entwistle (the song “The Quiet One”).

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Dr. George Stanley

George grew up listening to blues and the classic bands from the 1970’s. His philosophy of music is simple, “If it doesn’t swing, it doesn’t mean a thing”. As a blues purist and music idealist, George avoids electronic computerized gizmos, foot switches, and gadgets that “manipulate and falsify the tone”.  His idea of a great guitar sound is an old bluesman sitting on a tree stump somewhere in a Louisiana swamp. Simple, honest, and straight-forward raw music is always better to George. “It’s about the guitar riff, the groove and the feel of the song, and most importantly – the passion behind every chord. Not how many fast notes you can cram in.”  

His musical influences are his uncles who used to play big band jazz around gypsy campfires, Lightning Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Malcolm and Angus Young, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, and Jimmy Page. 

Besides song writing, George is a private practice psychotherapist, a small business owner, a tennis coach, a real estate agent/investor, and has authored 3 books. But ironically, George agrees with Bon Scott who once said, “doing nothing means a lot to me”. 

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